Will Will Chuter Lead Cranbrook School to Success?

Cranbrook is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Will Chuter as the new director, succeeding Dr. John Weeds. Located in the heart of the Kent countryside, Cranbrook is a selective elementary school that provides its students with excellent facilities, a 75-acre campus and a highly dedicated teaching staff.

The school's mission is to challenge the brightest boys and girls in the local area (along with interns from elsewhere) to reach their full potential in the classroom and beyond. The school's impressive academic results and Ofsted's excellent grade are evidence that they are achieving this goal without compromising their core values. No other school has been able to combine the traditions of the state and independent sectors with such success. Parents' opinions are taken into account when selecting schools, and maps are used to show where students come from. The maps are color-coded, with red representing 3% of most pupils and blue 3% less.

If there are more applicants than places available, admission criteria will be used to determine who is accepted. These criteria can vary from year to year, so it is important to check with the school for more information. Many schools admit children based on their distance from school or to a fixed catchment area. For those schools, the distance limit will vary from year to year, especially if the school gives priority to siblings, and the pattern will be from a central core with outliers (who will mostly be siblings). Schools that admit on the basis of academic or religious selection will have a much more dispersed pattern. At Cranbrook, liberal education is highly valued and academic rigor is instilled and developed.

Will Chuter himself was educated at Cranbrook and studied ancient history in Durham before starting his teaching career in Italy. He then spent several years working in educational publications. I believe that these are essential elements for a successful and happy school, and today's Cranbrookians deserve them too. With Will Chuter at the helm, Cranbrook is sure to continue its tradition of excellence.

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