How Many Acres is Cranbrook School?

The Cranbrook Academy of Art is part of Cranbrook's larger educational community, a 319-acre campus that also includes a contemporary art museum, a science museum, and a college preparatory school for pre-primary school children at age 12. Over the years, the Cranbrook children's school campus has grown to include Stevens Hall, Page Hall and Coulter Hall. During his visit, George Booth requested a studio space where he could compose, and Sepeshy moved the piano from Cranbrook House to St. The Cranbrook Academy of Art, one of the leading graduate schools of architecture, art and design in the United States, was founded by George Booth and Ellen Scripps Booth in 1932. Today, Cranbrook schools include a mixed high school, separate Kingswood high schools for boys and girls, and Brookside Lower School. Education at Cranbrook's Kingswood School was initially considered a finishing school, although that changed over time.

After its completion, Booth began building the Cranbrook School for Boys, a college preparatory school exclusively for boys. The Cranbrook Children's School, which began operating in 1927, was designed by the world-renowned Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen. Architecture critic Paul Goldberger of The New York Times called the Cranbrook campus one of the best campuses ever created in the world. The Cranbrook Art Museum maintains a contemporary art collection that includes works by Harry Bertoia, Maija Grotell, Carl Milles, Robert Motherwell, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Cranbrook is famous for its architecture in the style of the Arts and Crafts Movement by principal architects Albert Kahn and Eliel Saarinen.

Cranbrook is widely recognized as one of the most influential institutions in contemporary American design. In 1923, Booth founded an Episcopal church to serve the fledgling Cranbrook community, as well as surrounding communities. The Cranbrook Science Institute includes a permanent collection of scientific artifacts, as well as annual temporary exhibitions. Dunstan's Playhouse, although not formally part of the Cranbrook educational community, is located on the grounds of Cranbrook near Cranbrook House. The founders also built Christ Church Cranbrook as a focal point to serve the educational complex.

Cranbrook Kingswood accepts just under half of applicants each year, making it one of the 25% most selective high schools in the United States.

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