Is Cranbrook School the Right Choice for Your Child?

Cranbrook School is an excellent choice for hardworking students who are looking for a top-notch education. The campus is beautiful and the staff is highly qualified. At Cranbrook, students can expect to experience some of the best learning opportunities available. Schools that admit students based on academic or religious selection will have a more dispersed pattern of applicants.

This blended elementary school offers a government-funded education for 900 day students and boarding school students (families only pay for boarding school). Mr. Chuter, an alumnus of Cranbrook, attributes his education there to his independent spirit, his love of learning, his lifelong friends, and his passion for team sports and the arts. When there are more applicants than there are places available, admission is based on which candidates best meet the criteria.

The school produces “self-confident, curious, employable and well-rounded people who drop out of school” and is suitable for most children. The campus features traditional buildings such as School Lodge and Cornwallis, as well as contemporary houses built specifically for this purpose, such as Crowden, Blubery and Rammell. Families moving to the United Kingdom can request that their children attend a UK state boarding school if their visa application is successful. Applicants for boarding school will be invited to an interview in which the school will assess their suitability for accommodation; places will be offered soon after the interview.

The best source of information is usually the website of the relevant local authority, but once you've set your sights on a school, it's a good idea to ask them how they see things for the year you're interested in. The school has an extensive sixth year with about 360 students who benefit from its own specialized facilities. It's organized and functions like a boarding school and day students can enjoy the perks of boarding school life without having to live away from home or pay boarding school fees. Another unique aspect of Cranbrook's education are English and history classes for first-year and second-year singles to encourage productive discussion and growth.

Cranbrook normally has 60 places available for people over 11 years old and the admission process involves taking the Kent exam (the old one for people over 11). It offers numerous school trips, such as gastronomic trips to France, ski trips, scuba diving in Egypt and sports trips to Hong Kong and New Zealand. As a selective elementary school, they challenge the brightest boys and girls in the local area (along with interns from elsewhere) to develop their true potential in the classroom and beyond. Located in the heart of the Kent countryside, Cranbrook has superb facilities, a 75-acre campus and a truly dedicated teaching staff.

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