Is Cranbrook Campus Open to the Public?

The Cranbrook Educational Community has decided to close its campus buildings, including Cranbrook House and its bathrooms, to the public due to the uncertainties presented by the coronavirus (COVID-19). However, the Acheson Planetarium is open with limited capacity and tickets are available for purchase at the front desk upon arrival at the Institute of Science. The Museum of Art is also open and presents modern and contemporary art, architecture, crafts and design through changing special exhibitions, visits to its acclaimed collections wing, lectures by internationally renowned artists and critics, and educational workshops for all ages. Comprised of college-preparatory day educational institutions and boarding schools for students from early childhood to the twelfth grade, Cranbrook Schools are dedicated to excellence in all aspects of education.

Alcohol is allowed as part of approved campus events in accordance with municipal and state regulations or in private residential units. Drugs containing 26% alcohol are prohibited on Cranbrook property. Professional photography is allowed if programmed through the Cranbrook Business Services Office. The safety and well-being of guests, staff, students, members and volunteers is Cranbrook's top priority.

We encourage all people who decide to visit the grounds during this time to follow social distancing and other preventive guidelines recommended by the CDC and Governor Whitmer's executive orders. Guests must also follow our farm etiquette guidelines and our photography policies at all times. The Cranbrook Institute of Science is a museum of natural history and science that encourages its members and visitors a passion for understanding the world around them.

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