Is Cranbrook School Religious?

Cranbrook School is an independent, daytime Anglican boarding school for children from preschool through year 12. Our vision is to be a first-class school that encourages and allows all our students to explore, enjoy and develop their potential. While the School is committed to the Christian faith, it is also respectful and welcoming to people of other religions. Located four kilometers from the heart of Sydney, Cranbrook School offers students unrestricted access to exceptional facilities and extensive sports fields. The Cranbrook Career Program helps prepare children for life beyond school, equipping them with the skills they need for their professional future.

The School's bullying policy is distributed to all students and is available on the annual reports and policies page. In 1985, Cranbrook School and Kingswood School merged to create a blended higher school, the Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School. Sports play an important role in the development of Cranbrook students, teaching them lessons that go far beyond the field of play. The sports program is both deep and comprehensive, and is characterized by inclusion, opportunity and competition.

Professional staff are on hand to provide pastoral care for all students. Individual consultations with children, their parents and the career counselor are encouraged at Cranbrook. Many of the School's interns are listed as directors for their outstanding academic efforts and regularly earn higher average grades than daytime children, indicating the resources made available to the boarding school community. The design of Cranbrook was chosen by William Oliver Stevens, the first director of the School.

It was designed as a place where children can work, learn, grow, have fun and make lifelong friends. In 1923, Booth founded an Episcopal church to serve the Cranbrook community and surrounding areas. Cranbrook has two boarding schools that host approximately 75 students from seventh to twelfth grade. On December 1, 1917, a Samuel Hordern agent bought the former private residence and viceroyal residence at an auction.

The boarding school at Cranbrook provides children with a strong and supportive home in an educational environment that personifies creativity and exploration.

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