Cranbrook School: Is It Going Co-Ed?

The school believes in a type of hands-on learning in which students can touch objects to learn about them. Boarding school students live on campus, but some boarding schools also have day students who attend during the day and return to their families at night. While alarming stories came from all kinds of institutions, the names of several of Australia's leading same-sex schools were repeatedly mentioned, including Scots College, Cranbrook, Sydney Grammar, Waverley College, Kambala, Monte Sant Angelo and Pymble Ladies' College. Cranbrook was one of several private schools for children only named in a petition detailing allegations of sexual assault filed by young women in Sydney in February.

The high price a popular state high school charges for an upcoming field trip has surprised parents. The vicars even asked North if he would resign as president of the school if the proposal didn't succeed (North said he wouldn't). Students are conditioned for future success because they are encouraged to achieve their full potential in boarding school. What needs to happen is that these institutions must hold these students accountable when misbehavior occurs, open schools to the world in general and, yes, let girls and women in.

The school offers college-level tests and scholarships are available for students to continue their education. People were surprised when in September of last year a treasure hunt list from an elite school on the north coast of Sydney was leaked, in which students encouraged each other to spit on the homeless and were awarded extra points for having sex with “fat” girls. The proposal, which has not yet been seen by parents, is believed to go to the school board for approval next week, is backed by tech billionaire Scott Farquhar, The Sydney Morning Herald reported. A South Australian high school has felt the anger of parents and caregivers after making a significant change in its bathrooms.

The petition contained dozens of anonymous student testimonies and contained lawsuits against children attending Scots College, the Sydney Grammar School, Waverley College, Kings School and Cranbrook. Other Cranbrook councilors include Patrick Forth, from Boston Consulting Group (also since the 1920s) and ASX's chief financial officer, Gillian Larkins. As someone who attended a private school for girls, I know that there are similar problems of classism and ignorance that need to be addressed in schools for women. Cranbrook's billionaire parents, Scott Farquhar and Kim Jackson, pledged to fund a series of scholarships to defray the cost of expanding the class.

The question remains: is Cranbrook School going co-ed? It appears that this is something that is being discussed among the school board members and parents alike. The petition filed by young women in Sydney has certainly brought this issue to light and it appears that there is a growing consensus that allowing girls into the school could be beneficial for all involved. The potential benefits of allowing girls into Cranbrook School are numerous. For one thing, it would create a more diverse learning environment where students can learn from each other's experiences and perspectives.

Additionally, it would create more opportunities for female students who may not have access to other private schools or who may not be able to afford them. Finally, it could help reduce instances of classism and ignorance within the school by creating an environment where everyone is respected regardless of gender or background. At this point it is unclear whether or not Cranbrook School will become co-ed but it is certainly something worth considering. It could be beneficial for both male and female students as well as create a more inclusive learning environment overall.

Only time will tell if this proposal will be approved by the school board but it is certainly something worth discussing.

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