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Fees & additional services on offer with Cranbrook

Cranbrook School fees 2014/2015


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 Termly Fees

 Year Group

 Termly Fees

 Year Group

 Termly Fees



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 The academic year is split by the following terms.
 Autumn Term (September, October, November & December),
 Spring Term (January, February, March & April)
 Summer Term (May, June, July & August)

What Is Included In My School Fees?

Termly fees include; tuition, enrichment clubs, stationery, textbooks and craft materials as well as a hot healthy luncheon comprising of a choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal, including a serving of hot or cold dessert along with a nutritious salad.

Our students (Early Years – Year 11) also have access, via our school bus, to some of the best off-site PE facilities in Redbridge.

Nursery children are given a mid-morning drink of Milk.


 If your child is between the ages of 3-5 years old, you may be entitled to a Nursery Education Grant. Discounts are available for siblings and fees in advance.

Aditional Information

Mid-morning snack
Mid-morning snack and drink is given to our younger students (Nursery – Year 6) at a small charge of £30, which is added to your invoice on a termly basis.Our senior pupils (Year 7 – Year 11) have access to our tuck-shop, serving healthy snacks and drinks.Charges for our tuck shop are displayed in our diner.


External examination fees such as LAMDA, GCSE and A Level’s will be invoiced separately.

Personal & Accident Insurance

The safety of our pupils is paramount. All our students are insured whilst on school premises. The cost for this is £3.85 per term and is added to your termly invoice.

Peripatetic Tutoring

Pupils wishing to undertake music lessons during the school day, with specialist teachers, can do so at a charge of £181.50 termly. This will be invoiced separately, in arrears at the end of each halfterm.

Elocution lessons

Pupils wishing to undertake elocution lessons can do so at a charge of £77 termly. This will be invoiced separately, in arrears at the end of each half-term.

School Bus

Our school bus service offers parents and carers the reassurance of safe travel to and from school. With bespoke routes, dedicated seating, trained drivers/supervisors in first aid and emergency procedures, you can have peace of mind for the safety of your family.
The cost of this service is £270 per term, and is subject to availability.

Out Of School Clubs

We appreciate its hard juggling childcare with pressures of work. You can take advantage of our in-house services that provide care for your children outside of the school day.
This is a “pay-as-you-go” service that allows parents and carers a flexible choice, designed to suit individual lifestyles.
The clubs offer healthy nutritious food/snacks, along with a themed programme of activities to aid learning through play.
The usage of the breakfast and teatime club is charged and invoiced separately at the end of each half-term in arrears.
Holiday club will need to be paid in full at the time of booking.

 Breakfast Club

 Teatime Club

 Holiday Club

 £3:20 per day includes hot or cold breakfast & table activities

 £5.40 per hour or £10.90 per session (1 session = up to 3.5 hours) Includes a balanced tea time snack and a range of indoor & outdoor activities.

 **£22 per day  8.00am -6pm

£11.00       8.00am - 13.00pm

£10.40      13.00pm - 18.00pm

**Includes breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack, along with themed activities.
Note: there will be a weekly outing at additional cost